Our Story

Our story starts in the Amazone, South America. Two years ago we started redeveloping the running operation to make use of this vast source of drowned trees. Tons of woods are waiting to be salvaged. Scouts go out everyday to handpick the best logs. When landed we bring the natural beauty of this wood to life.




The Harvest

In Surinam we have three professional diver-teams up and running to harvest handpicked logs out of lake Brokopondo. Armed with diving gear and an hydrolic chainsaw, logging will take place 15 meters below surface.

Everyday our scouts go out to locate trees suitable for harvesting. When harvested trees will be taken to the landing where processing in the sawmill-section will take place. From there, sawn timber is transported all over the world.

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Creating qUALITY -pRESERVing Life

Deforestation is a threatening problem that involves all of us. Despite all the efforts of many organisations this problem is not easy to solve since the demands for quality wood products and agricultural lands are high.

We have found a source, almost infinite, where we can harvest without touching the natural habitat of animals and tribes.

Our mission is to bring this sunken forest to the surface to prevent further unnecessary damage to their and our environment and create great products.


"Our mission is to prevent further damage to their and our environment."

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Who are we?

Lakewood Creations was founded by Fariq Ishaak (sales director) and Harm van de Ven (creative director).

In 2018 we decided to join forces and to set up a whole new brand to tell this remarkable story about that lake full of trees on the other side of the world. And who can tell that story better than Fariq, who was born and raised in Suriname, and Harm, who has a great passion for creating!!

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If you have any questions regarding our products or cause, feel free to contact us anytime.
You can also get in touch directly via WhatsApp: +31(6)81689278 (Harm) or +31(6)21486808 (Fariq) or simply call us.

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